Michael Ladd


System Admin with over ten years experience managing Linux systems.


Northwestern University - Masters of Information Technology – 2006-2008
University of Florida - Music/Computer Science - 2000-2002 - Alumni Fellowship
Ball State University - Masters of Music - 1998-1999 - Teaching Assistantship
Ball State University - Bachelor of Music - 1992-1997 - Performance Scholarship

Systems Proficiency

Technical Skills

Proficient in: Puppet, VMware, Linux, Nagios
Experience with: Bash, Ansible, Graphite


Leapfrog Online Customer Acquistion

Senior Manager of Systems Engineering - Apr 2010 to present

I am a Senior Manager of Systems Engineering at Leapfrog Online. I spend the majority of the time thinking about stability, automation and ensuring that all is running as expected. * Monitor and maintain reliability of all servers (Linux, Windows) * Developed installation automation (Kickstart, PXE boot) integrated with local repositories * Build and maintain custom RPM and GEM packages as needed * Responsible for the installation and maintenance of VMware clusters * Led a team of four operations engineers including the establishment of Kanban processes * Led project to replace physical hardware with VMware cluster backed by EqualLogic iSCSI SAN * Established remote monitoring and alerting via Nagios, Graphite, Ganglia, and Monit * Led configuration management effort with Puppet, including writing 40+ custom modules * Served as technical lead for company-wide business intelligence project incorporating IIS and SQL Server * Assisted in the deployment of automated BIND updates for 100+ domains * Establish backup/recovery policies (Amanda, BackupExec) and disaster recovery solutions * Responsible for troubleshooting and triaging system issues in all environments * Responsible for consistent and accurate performance analysis and capacity planning for all environments * Provide 24/7 operational support for customer facing applications (Ruby/Rails, Django) * Assisted in the planning, design, implementation and migration of RHEL 4 production system to RHEL 6 * Responsible for the hiring, training and management of new operations engineers

Leapfrog Online Customer Acquisition

Senior Network Administator - Nov 2007 to Mar 2010

I was responsible for maintining all servers, enterprise applications and the entire network infrastructure. * Monitor and maintain reliability of all servers (FreeBSD, Linux, Windows) * Install/Maintain VMware ESX servers and Windows Hyper-V servers * Developed company-wide security policies * Established remote monitoring and alerting via Nagios and Monit * Provide support for Altassian Jira/ Confluence and WebFOCUS including maintenance and upgrades * Served as technical lead for company-wide business intelligence project incorporating IIS and SQL Server 2008 * Maintain Exchange mail server and Postfix MTAs * Establish backup/recovery policies (Amanda, BackupExec) and disaster recovery solutions * Maintain both public (over 400 records) and private DNS (Windows/BIND)

Northwestern University

Systems Administrator - Oct 2006 to Nov 2007

I was reponsible for supporting both enterprise and departmental networked systems as well as supporting the onsite data center. * Implemented move of network services from Solaris-based system to Red Hat Linux * Implemented high-availability solution for multiple web and database servers using open-source solutions and custom bash scripts * Responsible for security and maintenance of over 50 Unix servers * Support and maintain DNS & DHCP for McCormick School of Engineering * Provide support for six Rocks-based computational clusters (150+ nodes) * Designed automated installation for rolling out Red Hat servers/workstations via kickstart * Provide support for multiple clients (servers and workstations) using RHN proxy server * Assist in support of data-center; maintaining proper power and temperature requirements * Provide support for the LAMP stack * Provide support for over 100 hosted websites, and setup new hosted accounts * Provide support for EMC SAN array

Quickset International

Systems Administrator - Mar 2004 to Oct 2006

  • Designed and implemented move from Samba based domain to Windows 2003 Active Directory
  • Responsible for the hiring and management of MIS staff, budget planning, and project scheduling
  • Responsible for all network services (web, email, ftp, dns) and the security of the entire network
  • Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of 90+ PCs and Servers
  • Wrote custom backup scripts to replace a failed backup system (over 200 GB nightly backup)
  • Remote and local user training (80+ employees) and support

Unterberg & Associates, P.C.

Systems Administrator - May 2002 to Mar 2004

  • Implemented Squid proxy/cache server to reduce bandwidth usage (35–45%) and filter web content
  • Assisted in rollout plan of 80+ Windows XP workstations utilizing Symantec Ghost
  • Assisted in maintenance of CheckPoint firewall and auditing logs
  • Installation and maintenance of Apache web servers, Oracle 8i database servers
  • Installation of Nagios network monitoring system for early warning detection of network outages for local network as well as remote sites