The last session of the first day was on ‘Protecting Your Software Investment’. The description of the session follows:

“Patching, Security (Internal and External) , Speed of Access, Disaster Preparedness, Data Recovery, Backup Options”

I’m a sucker for anything related to disaster recovery and security, so no matter how badly I really wanted to leave so I could go home and pass out in a Nyquil induced haze, I forced myself to attend. I was graciously rewarded with fountains of knowledge. While there was 75 minutes set aside for the presentation, it was drawn out to a painful 24 minutes.

Play-by-play: - patching: only apply if necessary, so, uh, if not necessary, don’t apply - security: use some antivirus product - speed of access: if things are slow, upgrade to gigabit - disaster preparedness: have a disaster recovery plan (described as, “a list of things to do to recover in case of disaster”) - data recovery: make backups - backup options: not discussed

There was no discussion of how to patch, how to determine what constitutes a necessary patch, example DR plans, backup rotations, etc.

Ok, I need to let it go. It was only two days of my life gone to pot.


21 October 2005