1997 was an insanely busy year. I spent most of the time preparing for my solo recital, as well as working three jobs at a time while maintaining a full course load. I was living in a great house that I never saw, and spent up to 50-60 hours a week at the recording studio.

Reading List 1997

  • The Little Kingdom - Michael Moritz
  • Being Digital - Nicholas Negroponte
  • Ladies and Gentleman, Lenny Bruce - Albert Goldman
  • Downsize This - Michael Moore
  • Silicon Snake Oil - Clifford Stoll
  • Takedown - Simormura and Markoff
  • Masters of Deception - Slatalle and Quittner
  • The Hacker Crackdown - Bruce Sterling
  • The Fugitive Game - Jonathan Littman
  • A Year With Swollen Appendicies - Brian Eno
  • I Sing the Body Electric - Fred Moody
  • Poloroids from the Dead - Douglas Coupland
  • Tooth Imprints on a Corn Dog - Mark Leyner
  • Elliot Carter: In Conversation with Enzo Restagno
  • Random Acts of Sensless Violence - Jack Womack


31 December 1997